The Process



Pick a style

Check out the different styles of audio guestbook phones we offer and pick the one you like the most.


Reach out

Fill in the required info like your preferred style, event date, etc. We'll get back to you quickly!


Sign some paperwork and pay

Once we've confirmed that a phone is available for your date, we'll send over a rental agreement for you to review and sign. Payment is also completed through our rental agreement.


Record and send your greeting

Open your voice memo app and record the greeting you want your guests to hear. Once you land on something you're happy with, send it over for us to load onto the phone.


Arrange a pickup or delivery

We'll have a conversation about what's easiest based on your location and our schedule. We try to deliver as much as possible but delivery is never guaranteed.



Think about where you can place the phone to get the most use out of it. We'll provide you with signage to make it stand out a little more. If you need advice or tips, feel free to ask!

During the event


Place the phone somewhere easy to access

Put your phone along with the provided signage in a common area where your guests will see it. If you need advice, just ask!


Remind your guests

Make sure your guests know to use the phone. Remind them yourself, or get your DJ to make an announcement a couple times throughout the event.


Take the phone after the event

Don't forget the phone when you're packing up. It's sometimes a good idea to assign a friend or family member to take care of the phone if you have too much on your plate.




You probably have a lot going on, we get that. That's why you have up to 48 hours to get the phone back to us. Sleep in, go to brunch, worry about us after.


Get the phone back to us

Either work out a pickup time and location with us or drop it off in Kanata. As mentioned, you have 2 days after the event.


Get your files

Within 24 hours of us receiving the phone, we'll take the files and sort them nicely into a folder for you. You'll receive a link in your email.


Give the link to your videographer

Audly phone files make for fantastic audio for your wedding videographer to include in your video, make sure they know about it!


Leave a review

Leave us a google review, we'd love to hear how we did. It helps us out big time too!

Interested in booking a phone?

There's no pressure! Just reach out, let us know the date of your event, and we'll take care of the details.