About Us

Where we're at

Audly is a brand new company that started its first year of operation in the spring of 2023. With our first year of operation well underway, we're hard at work building on and improving Audly. After getting our first phone to a variety of events in a short period after launching, it was clear that we would need more phones on our roster. As it stands now, we have 7 phones operational and ready to book, with more hopefully on the way.

While there are certainly other options out there for audio guestbooks, we truly belive we've made Audly a one of a kind option. Not only is every phone built by hand locally, but they have features that no other competitors are able to implement on their phones. We can say with confidence that there truly is no better option for an audio guestbook in the Ottawa area, and we're proud to have established ourselves as such in our very first year.

Our Team

A portrait of Kenny MacDonald

Kenny MacDonald


Working in the wedding industry for over 7 years already, I've had plenty of opportunities to see the newest trends couples are using in their weddings. Being a wedding videographer, I was always looking for good quality audio clips to use in my highlight films. When I came across the audio guestbook idea, I immediately knew it was something I needed to equip myself with. Having a passion for the wedding industry, a background in graphic design and web development, and a broad idea of who could develop a phone like this, I was able to get Audly up and running in a few months of hard work.

On a personal note, here's a few fun pieces of information about me: I played collegiate varsity...video games. My competitiveness really comes out in a lot of my life and video games are obviosuly never an exception (seriously, I played car soccer for Carleton University). Speaking of competitiveness, I'm probably on or running somewhere between 3 and 6 sports teams at any given time. Hockey, softball, golf, soccer, whatever. If you're reading this and are looking for a team, I probably have a spot for you so feel free to ask!

A portrait of Tom Burn

Tom Burn

Guestbook Designer

With a background in mechanical design, Tom was a natural addition to the Audly team. He’s constantly taking things apart to see what makes them tick and loves finding ways to build in new features or functionality. From 3D printers to laser cutters, and programming to electronics, he’s got a wide skill set that helps keep the Audly line-up running smoothly. When he’s not adding to our growing collection of phones, you can find Tom out cycling the Gatineau hills, turning wooden bowls from locally salvaged trees, or spending time with his family.

Interested in booking a phone?

There's no pressure! Just reach out, let us know the date of your event, and we'll take care of the details.